guide to commissioning an artwork

Commissioning an artwork can feel like an unusual process...
Let me walk you through some of the essential elements and simplify the process seamlessly.
With me, you are guaranteed to be happy!



What is my voice?

An artists voice consists of what message they would like to share with the world through their artwork. For me, I like to use metaphors to give hope, inspiration and deeper understanding of this journey we call life. You will find symbolism in the use of trees, water, hearts, birds, insects, female figures, skeletons and more throughout my work. I generally stick with more fluid and organic imagery that revolves around nature and human form. For more info, download my hand dandy guide. (see below)


What is my style?

I contribute my style to two things, my medium and my way of drawing. I generally work with ink (primarily) with the addition of watercolor and/or color pencil. My style of drawing focuses on crosshatching, black and white elements, and the occasional color element. My style is also ever changing and evolving. I have been adding more and more color over the past 2 years where as the years before I primarily worked only in black and white. You will find many organic shapes, some even graffiti-like.  For more info, download my hand dandy guide. (see below)


My current commissions schedule:

Last update: Aug 2018
I am currently closing commissions until June of 2019 (unless you have already made a commission request to date) I have an upcoming art show that I am preparing for next spring and wanting to focus on that at this time. So I am finishing up all commissions by Oct-Nov in order to change focus. There will be no Christmas Commission orders this year, however, you can find much of my work for sale on Etsy or at Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham.

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This is a guide to all of my processes when commissioning an artwork from what subjects I can do to what to expect and pricing. It's packed full of great information!


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