21 Days of Prayer


Twice a year my church holds an "event" in which for 21 days we are called to pray. Every morning during this 21 days at 6 am folks gather at the church locations or online to worship and pray. It lasts about an hour. Different pastors present different messages each day and this year they are giving a word to focus on that day. We are already on Day 5.

I've done these 21 days of prayer events 2-3 other times. Last year in January I almost made it all 21 days and then I became dreadfully sick. I think it took me a month to get over it! Then the second 21 days (usually in the summer), I was also doing the 100 days of art and I was at the tail end. At that point I was making an 8x10 artwork every day and that took every extra second I had and then some. To say the least, it was a commitment that I couldn't add into my daily routine.

This January, however, I am determined to stay committed and complete the 21 days. Which in doing so it requires extra effort on my husband's part in the morning. Usually I get up and make coffee and gather LM's (Little Miro-for the sake of anonymity) breakfast (that boy loves a nutri-grain bar) and get LM up and ready for daycare. Which can be a little bit of a struggle! I don't know what it is, but if its the week day, it takes wild horses to drag that kid outta bed. But on the weekend he literally (but not really......) catapults himself from his bed into our bed like some kind of circus clown at 5 am. Raring to go! I digress...I am making a commitment and my husband is as well. He supports me and helps me because he knows how important it is.

So our new schedule consists of me getting up at 5:30 and making the coffee and packaged breakfasts and then going to my studio to pray. My husband gets dressed and gets LM dressed and off they go. It has been going well. I couldn't do it without my husband, he is amazing! He is generous and dedicated and will make mountains move to help me accomplish something.

My prayer time has had struggles...interruptions, distractions, and so much more. If I miss a single second then I will watch the replay and do it right. I will not let myself miss. And really, let's face it...if you know me at all, this isn't ME doing this but God. God is helping me to get up at 5:30 (just a touch earlier actually) and commit to this. I couldn't do it by my own will. I am that person who could sleep 12 hours and not miss a beat. I adore my sleep! I am not an early bird and I like to stay up late. But with God by my side, miracles do happen!

Anyway, I share this with you because I have cut that part of my life out of my art story for the sake of keeping it "non-believer friendly." I know that quite a bit of my followers aren't believers. I humbly try to respect that and be sensitive to using "Christian-ese" (Christian talk). However, as a believer/artist its difficult for me to relay my experiences and life without sharing God. He is everything. So I will be sharing more of Him in order to truly and unabashedly share my journey and story, hopefully you can stick with me.

One of the ideas I had recently was to reveal God in my work. I create work that is Christian based, but not obviously so. It's not an attempt to give subliminal messages, it's like all art, it can always be seen from any billion of perspectives. I am not trying to trick any body or hide my beliefs, that's just how my ideas seem to work. I do create work with God in my heart and mind and therefore it is a part of the work. The meaning that I may intend can always be seen differently by someone else. It's subjective...it's art. I think that walking people through these meanings and variations and opening up a dialogue is really what it's all about. I want that conversation. And through my more fervent prayer (21 days), it seems like something to do.

In the meantime- I am working on a few projects...

I am going to be a part of the MicroLove show and Tour de Loo at Naked Art Gallery. I am working on concepts for my Grimms Fairy Tale series and finishing up the last bit of commissions in between. So stay tuned for that!!

I look forward to inviting you on this journey with me...I have no idea where it's going, but lets go! :)